I Secretly Worked As A Google Search Quality Rater (You Can Too)

Can’t believe they actually hired an SEO… To improve its search results, Google contracts 16,000 search quality raters around the world. These human raters evaluate both live and experimental Google results in accordance with Google’s Search Quality Rater guidelines. For many who work in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the Quality Rater guidelines are an important … Read more

How Google’s Selective Link Priority Impacts SEO (2023 Study)

What is Google’s Selective Link Priority? Selective Link Priority occurs when Google encounters multiple links on a page that target the same URL, typically with different anchor text. In this scenario, instead of using all the different anchor texts, Google is known to select only certain anchor texts for ranking purposes.  While sometimes known as … Read more

Category Page SEO: 10 Google-Boosting Tactics

Can you actually rank category pages? There’s a crazy rumor in SEO that Google doesn’t like to rank category pages. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you search, you’ll find 100s or 1000s of examples that prove the opposite. What Google doesn’t like to rank are: Consider this category page for low-carb recipes … Read more

15 Tips for Site Architecture SEO [Master Guide]

If you need to move the needle on website traffic and conversions, Site Architecture is often one of your toolkit’s most effective SEO levers. And yet, very few SEOs leverage it to its full advantage. Below is a large, established website where we recently made simple tweaks to the site architecture using only 2-3 of … Read more

#1 Rule for SEO Success: Build Spaceships

Once in a while, I’m the luckiest guy I know. In this instance, it was the dream job of a lifetime: working as the In-house SEO for SEOmoz. The entire time there, I walked around grinning like an idiot. This was SEOmoz. And I was the SEO! Holy S*%t! During my tenure, I watched organic … Read more