Need a Good SEO Consultant?

Cyrus Shepard - SEO Consultant

So you’re looking for an SEO consultant — that’s awesome! But…

When you need professional SEO help, often it’s hard to know who to turn to. There are lots of agencies and consultants out there who will readily take your money, but you have no idea if they know what they are talking about or if they can execute on your challenges.

Fortunately, there ARE good SEO consultants and agencies out there who can help, and who have proven track records of success.  The two sources I list below contain some of the best folks in the industry, and I highly recommend starting your search here.

Recommended SEO Consultants & Agencies

1. Credo

Credo - John Doherty

Credo is run by John Doherty, an amazing SEO consultant and strategist that I’ve known for years. Today his primary business is matching the right business with the right SEO solution.

Credo is a full product that takes clients all the way from an inquiry to signing, working with, and paying their marketing pro. Highly recommended.

If your SEO needs are more temporary, or if your budget is smaller, Credo has solutions for these situations too.

More here:

2. Moz’s Recommended List

The Moz Recommended List of SEO Consultants and Agencies is put together by the folks at Moz, the most highly-trusted SEO company on the planet. I trust this list because I am one of the people who has helped put it together.

Moz Recommended List

To be honest, this list is pretty popular. This means that you might find it hard to hire–or even get a response from–many of the people on this list. Budgets tend to be higher too. That said, the quality of help and expertise is top-notch. If your needs are more immediate, you might be better going with the Credo options above.

3. Cyrus Shepard

I am currently unavailable for new consulting projects. If you need to get in touch with me for any reason, visit the contact page to drop me a line.