20 Future-Facing SEO Blogs

SEO changes fast. If you’re anything like me, you can spend an hour or two each day reading the best blogs, tweets and RSS feeds just to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes. For the busy SEO, all this requires time, effort and tons of brain power that could be spent optimizing a site.

Top 20 Blogs

Learning from the right source of SEO knowledge gives you a competitive edge. Sharing ideas with smart industry thinkers gives you a decided advantage over the non-informed competition. Fortunately, SEO is a fantastically rich environment for sharing where giving away knowledge actually works to your economic advantage.

The knowledge is there, if you know where to look.

At the end of the year everyone produces “best of” lists covering the previous year. This post is different. Instead of telling you what was hot yesterday, this post tells you what SEO blogs you should pay attention to tomorrow for the betterment of your career.

Note: These are the blogs I love and follow. Some very good blogs were left off this list for a variety of reasons – the #1 reason being blogs that write more for their customers instead of targeting professional SEOs. Other blogs aren’t in my area of focus. For example, Adam Sherk writes a great news media SEO blog. Other blogs don’t publish with enough frequency, while some bloggers are just plain buttheads.

Without further ado…

The 20 SEO Blogs

(In no particular order)

  1. SEO by the Sea – Real SEOs read patent applications. Bill Slawski does it so you don’t have to.
  2. Justin Briggs – The former link building expert at Distilled shares deep SEO theory for smart people.
  3. SEOmoz – Still the best, the most useful, and the biggest source of SEO research on the web.
  4. SEOBook – Aaron Wall’s keen eye and solid practicality keep both Google and publishers on their toes.
  5. Distilled – A mix of technical and tactical, the UK imports spread their knowledge all over the English speaking world.
  6. Seer Interactive – Don’t mess with Philly SEOs. Just don’t.
  7. Portent – Idiocy and bad SEO send Ian Lurie into a rage of biting sarcasm. Not to be missed.
  8. Blind Five Year Old – A good one. Search nerds love AJ Kohn’s tips and analysis.
  9. Built Visible – Richard Baxter’s growing brain trust in London serves up a mix of technical and brilliant.
  10. Kikolani – The most popular one-woman marketing blog on the list, Kristi Hines stays on top of everything.
  11. Search Engine Land – Danny Sullivan’s 11-year-old publication continues to provide must-have SEO news.
  12. Search Engine Roundtable – Barry Schwartz is a one-man newspaper, radio and TV station combined.
  13. Webmaster Central BlogWhen the top engineers at Google share information, it’s worth paying attention.
  14. SEO wizz – Haven’t heard of SEO wizz? He doesn’t post much, but when he does it’s brilliant.
  15. David Naylor -Famously no BS Dave Naylor and his staff write a much respected, highly followed blog.
  16. Occam’s Razor -Pure analytics bliss, SEOs have a lot to learn from Avinash Kaushik
  17. Blumenthals – One of the masters of local search, and a frequent Google rabble-rouser.
  18. Inside Search – Another good blog from Google, this one actually is a bit more “inside.”
  19. Stone Temple – Nobody interviews more SEOs and influencers than Eric Enge. A lot to be found here.
  20. Backlinko – One of the good guys of online marketing, and some great studies as well.

Wish They Posted More Often

These are great blogs that could have made the list, but their posting frequency makes me want more! Definitely worth subscribing to.

Up and Comers

Watch out. These bloggers are sure to make the 2013 Best SEO Blog list.

SEO Blogs I Should Read, But Really Don’t

Great Blogs Suggested by the Community:

  • State of Search – How did this great search publication not make the top 20? Don’t be silly. This one deserves top 10.
  • Holistic Search Marketing – Peter Young’s enthusiast following speak volumes to his SEO wisdom.
  • Optimize Smart – Frequent SEO blog commenter Himanshu keeps it real.
  • SEOptimize– By popular demand.
  • Yoast – Tweaking Websites. Essential if you run a WordPress blog.

How to Digest Large Amounts of SEO Knowledge

In order to stay on top of SEO updates in the most efficient amount of time, it pays to streamline. My personal method is to follow a tight list of smart and insightful SEO sharers on Twitter. I also belong to a few email groups, as well as a few select LinkedIn groups. Of course, I use RSS feeds and Google Reader to cover most of the SEO blogs listed here.

Do you have a favorite SEO blog not on the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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64 thoughts on “20 Future-Facing SEO Blogs”

  1. Thank you for this list, I have saved each one of their links. As an Internet Marketing company (small/start-up) finding tips, and tricks from other solidified companies truly helps me feel confident in my work and it’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

  2. Cyrus,

    Love the list! You’ve turned me on to a couple of new blogs that I’ve been tearing into the past week. Bill Slawski’s approach to an SEO blog for example is brilliant and refreshing! I love the idea of paying attention to search patents, seems so logical to gain better insight into Google perspective.

    Justin Briggs has a cool blog as well which is new to me as well. Thanks for the tips Justin.

    Google reader stories were piling up as I’ve grown bored of the same old bla, bla about search. Nice finds. I’m excited to read again.

  3. Nice list Cyrus and lots of comments. Seems you really sparked some great discussion. Some of these I follow like SEOMOZ, Kikolani, Yoast to name a few. Checking out the other ones to add to my reading list.

    • To be honest, it probably deserved a place higher up on the list. If I had realized how popular this post was going to be, I would have gone through it with a fine tooth comb. Thanks Himanshu.

  4. Cyrus –

    You should mention Feedly. It’s an awesome RSS reader app that syncs with Google Reader.

    I use it as an Iphone app so I can read things on the fly, but it can also run in Chrome.

    It’s definitely the best way to digest a ton of great content IMO!

  5. This is a good list of blogs with some I haven’t heard of so i’ll definitely be checking them out. My posts are definitely varied with my schedule but typically one or two a month. Hopefully it will increase in 2012.

  6. Hi Cyrus,

    Thanks for including SEO by the Sea amongst such a great list of blogs. I’ve been finding myself reading the majority of the blogs that you’ve listed in both the first 20 and the additions that you’ve added to the post, on a regular basis.

    As for reading patents, I urge people to give them a shot, even if I’ve written something about them on my site. The more we all look at them and discuss them, the better an understanding we may get.

  7. Ever since having the privilege of working with Dave Naylor and his team at Bronco I’ve been a fan of his work and especially his no BS approach to SEO.

    Sometimes you got to be brutally honest to be really effective!

    • You had some tough competition with Andrew and David, but your posting schedule meant you consistently deliver great stuff on a regular basis. Thanks for all your contributions to search!

  8. Thanks for mentioning the SEER blog and also giving me a few more blogs I should regularly read. Every seo should have a sabbatical month to catch up on so many great reads that slip through or get the skim treatment. Thanks again Cyrus!

  9. Cyrus –
    Thanks for inclusion on this list! I’ll plan to see my name in the Top 20 next year 😉

    On a serious note, Yoast’s site is amazingly helpful. His content is always useful and top-notch for those of us who use WordPress.

  10. Fantastic list Cyrus!!

    Happy to see Kristi Hines blog over there with others. She is definitely turning into a versatile lady.

    I’m pretty amazed how can you forget @seohimanshu blog http://www.seotakeaways.com . It should be added in that list. His post are worth reading & they are so indepth that you too can teach it to others. I too several times taken print out of his post. A worth subscribing.


  11. Thanks, that’s added another dozen to my now 57-strong group of RSS feeds that keep my Outlook busy all day long.

    Ones I like most that aren’t on your lists are Simply Zesty (http://www.simplyzesty.com/), Skyrocket (http://skyrocketseo.co.uk/blog/) and WhiteFire (http://www.whitefireseo.com/blog/), though obviously there are far more beyond that I attach some value to (if I ain’t learning anything from a blog I stop receiving it).

    I added Edgy SEO on a recommendation earlier this week and it has made a promising start.

    Hopefully 2012 will be a strong year for the SEO community, which is one of the things I feel the industry should be most proud of.

    • I came here to find some new blogs to follow and was going to suggest my own blog (WhiteFireSEO) as an extra addition to this list, but it looks like Iain here beat me to it! That made me quite happy, to say the least. 🙂 Thanks!

      I agree with a lot of your top 20 and I hope to continue agreeing once I read up on some of the blogs you’ve suggested. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to put this list together, sir. Onward!

  12. *Huge* omission from this list: State of Search. (And not just because I’m one of its resident bloggers – it’s a truly epically excellent search & social blog and I can’t believe you missed it.)

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