What Happens When You Disavow Every Link To Your Site?

By Cyrus Shepard
Updated 2 days ago

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Links, links, links

Google’s Disavow tool is something I use occasionally to help sites strategically recover from traffic losses of one kind or another.

Many SEOs use it to disavow “shady links.”

But what would happen if you disavowed every link pointed at your website?

I was curious enough to try and find out… (who needs traffic anyway?)

My traffic didn’t exactly tank, but the experiment ended up surprising me more than expected.

What I learned is that the tool is still very powerful.

And Google is talking about getting rid of the disavow tool entirely.


Regardless, to read everything about what I learned, read the post:

I Disavowed Every Link To My Website. Here’s What Happened

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Best of luck with your SEO!

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