Book an SEO Strategy Call

Want to discuss your website’s SEO with Cyrus Shepard? Need help with a particular problem? Want to brainstorm strategies and explore options?

While we can’t perform miracles in 45 minutes (smart SEO takes time), we can often identify blind spots and strategize a few good ideas. Leverage Cyrus’ extensive experience in the SEO industry to help your website.

All SEO Strategy bookings include:

  • A 45-minute, 1-on-1 video call with Cyrus (feel free to invite more guests)
  • A brief investigation of your website
  • An email follow-up summarizing the call’s findings, as well as any additional tips + recommended action items
  • The cost is $450 (vs. our $6000/month consulting fee)

The total time committed is typically 90 minutes of consulting. Scroll down to book now.

Looking forward to chatting with you! See our full list of SEO consulting services.