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Using Zyppy With Existing Cloudflare Workers

Zyppy uses Cloudflare Workers to deploy SEO changes to your site. But what if you already have a worker running, for example a custom WordPress Cache? This document will show you how to combine your existing worker code with Zyppy’s HTML rewriting.

How to Connect Zyppy to Cloudflare

When you connect Cloudflare with Zyppy, you can publish your changes instantly – without ever touching code or updating your CMS. You can also take advantage of other integrations, such as creating dynamic Zyppy sitemaps that live on your site and are automatically updated with Google Search Console.

How To Connect Zyppy to WordPress

When you connect Zyppy to WordPress, you can automatically make updates on your site, without touching any code or a WordPress editor. You’ll need to create a special application password and install our custom plugin, which you can find explained below.