I’ll be at MozCon 2012. Will You?

Last year, MozCon 2011 went down on record as the greatest SEO and Inbound Marketing conference ever. That year, I was the emcee. For me, it was the three toughest days of public appearances since high school debate.

So this year, I’m proud to announce I’ll be speaking for a more reasonable 30-60 minutes. My topic is on the Psychology of Conversion Rate Optimization.

MozCon 2012

I wasn’t joking when I said MozCon was the greatest conference ever. If you only attend one conference a year, or in your life, this is the one. My favorite things about MozCon from last year:

  • Lunch with Mozzers (the entire staff is there)
  • Free t-shirts
  • Party at the Garage
  • Did you know the Moz community is the nicest bunch of people you’ll ever encounter?
  • Meeting Dr. Pete. He’s a speaker as well.

The conference runs from July 25-27. Tickets on sale now. It will sell out. It always does.

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