When you connect Cloudflare with Zyppy, you can publish your changes instantly – without ever touching code or updating your CMS. You can also take advantage of other integrations, such as creating dynamic Zyppy sitemaps that live on your site and are automatically updated with Google Search Console.

Here’s how you do it.

1. Sign up for Cloudflare

If your site isn’t already on Cloudflare, you can sign up for a free account.

Get a Free Cloudflare Account

Once you have an account, you need to set up your site. Cloudflare offers lots of documentation and videos to show you how to get up and running.

2. Setup Up Workers

Workers are a type of code that allows Zyppy to “work” with Cloudflare, but first you have to enable them.

⚠️ Note: To avoid free plan limits, we strongly suggest subscribing to the Workers Paid plan for a minimum $5 USD per month. For lower-traffic sites this may not be necessary, but it helps ensure no interruption in Zyppy services.

Sign Up For Workers

If your site already uses Cloudflare workers, no worries. Please read our guide – Using Zyppy With Existing Cloudflare Workers.

3. Create An API Token

Follow Cloudflare’s own instructions to generate an API token:

1. Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.

2. Under theMy Profiledropdown, clickMy Profile.

3. Click theAPI tokenstab.

4. Click theCreate Tokenbutton. You will see theCreate Tokenscreen.

screenshot of API Tokens screen in Cloudflare dashboard

5. Next, use the “Edit Cloudflare Workers” template.

Edit Cloudflare Workers Template

6. On the next screen, start by simply leaving the default settings the same. Then add permission by clicking “+ Add more” with the following parameters:

  1. “Zone”
  2. “Analytics”
  3. “Read”

Cloudflare Zone Analytics Settings

This helps Zyppy to determine your Cloudflare usage.

7. Choose the correct “Account Resources” (typically all) and “All Zones” for the Zone Resources.

7. Finally, hit “Continue to Summary” and “Create Token.”

8. Important: Copy your token and enter it into Zyppy. For security reasons, this token won’t be shown again. If you lose it, you can “roll” the token from your token dashboard and it will generate a new one.

Cloudflare Token

9. Enter the token in your Zyppy settings.

Add Cloudflare Credentials to Zyppy

4. Enter Your Account ID and Zone ID

You can find the Account ID in the sidebar of the Cloudflare Dashboard. Select your site from the dashboard to and look to the lower right.

5. Hit Save

You have now connected Cloudflare to Zyppy, and may experience all their combined powers and possibilities. Congrats!